Music Boss Senior Piano Group

If you always wanted to take piano lessons or at least learn to play a few songs, you can do it now! This is a fun small group piano class for adults any age! This is a 3 month long course, offered in the mornings or early afternoons, where you will be able to learn some basics of piano, recognize notes in treble and bass clef, learn about music theory, and play several simple songs and tunes with both hands. Every student will have their own desk with a keyboard to learn and practice on. The groups will have up to 5 students that you can share your music learning experience with. Once per week, lasting 50 minutes. At the conclusion of the course, you will have the option to take individual lessons to continue on with your progress. $125/month. Lessons are offered on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 11am

Music Boss Senior Morning Group

Once weekly, 45 minute, small groups, scheduled in the mornings. You will learn some fun facts about composers,  discuss their lives,  and  listen to their music, including live piano demonstrations. These groups will run for one month and will include: Breakfast with Bach, Morning with Mozart, Donuts with Debussy, and Tea with Tchaikovski. $125 for 4 sessions


MozART Group Class

Music and art share a close relationship with one another.  They both trigger various emotions in us that affect our creativity.  If you love music and art and are looking for a class to blend the two, express yourself and share the experience with others, this small group class will be perfect for you!  Learn about composers and artists, listen to music, paint, draw, sketch, and see where the experience takes you.  Groups of no more than 7, taght by accomplished artists and with participating musicians.  $125 per month/meets for 3 months