Piano & Guitar

Individual Lessons

One on one, 30 minute long lessons, starting at the age of 7. All levels are welcome. For beginners, note recognition/reading class (Know the Notes!) is strongly recommended (not required) to take either before starting individual lessons or simultaneously with piano lessons, to ensure optimal progress. $135/month

Best Friend Lessons

Hesitant or shy to start lessons on your own? Or just want to have more fun? Try it out with your best friend or two! Maximum 3 students per class. It is possible to learn the basics with your best friend or a sibling. Best Friend lessons are short term group lessons; as students start to progress at a different pace, teachers may recommend splitting them into individual classes going forward. 30 minute long lessons, $125/month


Online Individual Lessons

If preferred, online individual lessons are offered for students 7 years and older. Students can utilize a mixed schedule of online and in-person lessons. Details and schedules may be arranged with the teachers. $135/month


Music Boss Lessons In Your Home

If transportation presents an issue to bring your student to our school for their lessons, we can send a teacher to you! Our teachers will travel to your home for one on one individual lessons, all you need is your instrument available. Available for 7 years and older students, 30 minutes long, once a week. In-home lessons are only offered for individual instructions; group classes are not included. $175/month

Group Classes

Little Boss Piano Group

This class is for children 5-6 years of age and provides a fun, playful, and interactive environment to learn the basics of piano playing and music theory. Each child will have their own desk station with a keyboard to be able to work on. The goal of Little Boss Piano Class is to prepare children for individual piano lessons, in an environment that is most beneficial and least stressful for this age. Classes will have no more than 7 students, will last 40 minutes. $125 per month

Music Theory

Music theory is a practice musicians use to understand and communicate the language of music. According to the European approach, music theory is taught separately from the individual instrument lessons. Understanding even the basics of music theory leads to a deeper proficiency in music interpretation and gives tools needed for music expression. This class will not focus on note recognition, but rather on rhythm, time signatures, dynamics, basic Italian universal music terms, scales, and more. This is a small group class of 5 to 7 students that provides the basics and essentials that every musician needs. $125 per month/meets for 3 months


Know The Notes

When you are learning a new language, you need letters and words to speak it. Music is no different. To be fluent in the language of music and to play an instrument, you need to learn the notes. Based on the European music teaching approach, we offer a 3 month intensive note recognition/reading class that helps a beginning musician to master the basics and be able to progress in their individual instrument classes a lot faster. 40 minutes long, small group classes of 5-7 students will offer a fun and interactive environment to provide the foundation that every musician will need. This class is strongly recommended for every beginning student before starting their individual lessons or simultaneously with their instrument lessons. It is also available to take as a refresher at any time. $125 per month/meets for 3 months

Boss Master Class

To get more experience in performing, tackle the performance anxiety, and share students’ progress, Music Boss will offer monthly Master Classes. Students will be able to perform for one another, share their thoughts, critiques, encourage one another, and get feedback from peers and teachers. This class is voluntary and available to all students. It will be scheduled on a last Saturday every month and will be led by one of the teachers. The class will open with at least 5 students participating. $30 per session.