MozART Group Class

Music and art share a close relationship with one another. They both trigger various emotions in us that affect our creativity. If you love music and art and are looking for a class to blend the two, express yourself and share the experience with others, this small group class will be perfect for you! Learn about composers and artists, listen to music, paint, draw, sketch, and see where the experience takes you. Groups of no more than 7, taught by accomplished artists with participating musicians. $125 per months/meets for 3 months

Little Boss MozART Group Class

All little Picassoes and little Mozarts are welcome in this class!  Music and art go hand in hand, sharing a unique relationship.  Little Boss MozART explores and uncovers the connection betwee the two.  Children will be encouraged to express themselves and learn about their own creative process, while learning about composers and artists of the past.  Geared toward children of ages 6-10 years, this small group class provides a fun and interactive environment to unwind and decompress from everyday activities.  $125 per month/meets for 3 months.


Drawing classes for all ages.  $125 per month


Painting classes for all ages.  $125 per month